Breton Shirt Navy

"An inspired choice" our production manager shouted across our factory. "Surely a mistake" was the response from our skilled operator. That describes the scene in our small factory when we created a fresh look for our new Breton Twist shirt. Somehow the stitching instructions had been misread when finishing our classic Original Breton Shirt. Technically speaking the shirt had been finished with a 3 needle lock stitch machine but gosh was the result "magnifique"  An ecru background with clean, crisp navy stripes, square cut and created in super soft 180gsm knitted cotton. A different recipe. Perfect outcome. So comfortable they’re addictive! 



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The original <br> breton

The original

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All our garments are made on the Atlantic coast by a small family business. Created, manufactured and hand finished to the highest possible standards using only locally sourced materials and skilled craftspeople.

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