The Original Breton 'Patch' Shirt

We all remember when the addition of an elbow patch was for the purpose of eking out a few more months of life from you school blazer or favourite jacket.

Since we commenced production of our Original Breton Shirt in 1988, we have yet to come across a case of worn out elbows but better safe than sorry! Well, not really. We just felt the addition of a navy elbow patch to the classic white and navy stripes just enhances the look and adds a little "va va vroom" to the original design. Surely not a faux pas. As ever, made from 100% super soft 220gsm interlock cotton.  



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The original <br> breton

The original

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All our garments are made on the Atlantic coast by a small family business. Created, manufactured and hand finished to the highest possible standards using only locally sourced materials and skilled craftspeople.

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