Mood-boosting Shirts for ‘Blue Monday’

‘Blue Monday’ – you may have heard about it but what is it? In short, it’s a name assigned to a day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) that's believed to be the most depressing day of the year.

This realisation is based on a special ‘formula’, which accounts for factors including weather conditions, ‘debt levels’, time since Christmas, time since new year’s resolutions have been broken, and low motivation levels.

You can find out more about the history behind ‘Blue Monday’ or you can instead focus on how to perk up your mood this coming Monday (15 January) and beyond, thanks to our pick of the best, mood-boosting Breton shirts. Read on…

A Pop of Pink

Wear it for a brisk, country walk, a bracing January stroll on the beach, or even post-work drinks...whatever you sport it for, you'll be glad you did.

Meet our Breton Rose - it's an absolute stunner, the perfect shirt to put a smile on your face on Blue Monday - head here to grab yours.

Our shirts are designed not to disintegrate just at the point they are beginning to feel good. In fact, we can guarantee the Breton Rose will still be in your wardrobe when your other favourite shirts have retired to cotton heaven. It's not just for Blue Monday, it's for life. It isn't 50 shades of pink, just one...and it's created in superior, soft 100% unbleached 220 gsm cotton. Go on...treat yourself. 

'Orange' You Glad You Ditched Monochrome

If you're not yet glad you've said goodbye to a wardrobe full of black, white or otherwise neutral garments, you will be when you say 'yes' to our Breton Orange shirt. Well, just look at it!

In the Breton surplus shop, we keep a stock of old, faded, often jaded shirts that take us back to 1988, when we first started out on our journey.  When we say a ‘stock’, we really mean an old battered box full of historic samples and colours - and whilst digging around, this colour combo took our fancy. 



It isn't battered or jaded, it's a stunner: a soft orange stripe on an ecru background. Made to the same recipes as all our Breton shirts. So comfortable they’re addictive - grab yours via our site.

A ‘Blue’ Monday… for all the Right Reasons

We do suffer from stripe deja vous. Confidentially, we actually ran this shirt in 1991 and somehow this jaunty classic just had to be revived for 2024 – and frankly, we feel it’s even better than to original 1990s classic. So, in the interest of international relations, we are expanding our wardrobe to make room for an old favourite – and now’s the perfect time to treat yourself.


Here's The Breton Aqua Bleu, featuring a background of Atlantic aqua blue, coupled with clean crisp white stripes, square cut and created in super soft 220 gsm knitted cotton. It’s a simple recipe but it’ll liven up any outfit in January – workwear, loungewear, whatever-wear. Your go-to garment in 2024. Trust us.

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Until next time…