Which Breton shirt is for me?

If you think all Breton shirts are the same, think again sunshine! Our Breton tops might share the same stripy DNA, but there’s a world of difference to the way they fit, they way they’re worn and even the way they wash.

Come with us, if you will, for a journey through our world of Breton, and see for yourself just how unique each piece can be!

The Original

Ideal for: Classy types, chic individuals, people with places to go and brunches to eat.

What is it? This straight-to-the-point, no-messing top is Breton styling distilled into its natural essence.

 Why is it perfect? The Original Breton Shirt is comfortable, easy to throw into an overnight bag, timeless and classic, and it looks even better after a bit of wearing and washing. If your style is jeans, ballet flats and a simple but stylish top á Parisienne, this is the top for you.

T-Shirt Rouge

Ideal for: Rock chicks, eclectic souls and those with a tendency to run towards fun

What is it? A tough, hardwearing t-shirt in red Breton stripes.

Why is it perfect? The T-Shirt Rouge offers up some serious attitude in Breton style. It looks good under a leather biker jacket or a denim jacket covered in badges.

It looks equally good paired with a scooter ride through town, café racer helmet gleaming in the sun. Add some chunky jewellery, ripped jeans and a funky straw boater hat and you’re festival-ready minus any effort whatsoever.

The Submariner

Ideal for: Sailing, outdoor pursuits and chilly people.

What is it? Our remix of the classic Breton made with chunkier woven cotton for a warmer outer layer.

Why is it perfect? The Submariner is a heavyweight in every sense of the word. It’s thick and comforting on those cold wintery days, and it also goes with everything. You heard us: EVERYTHING.

Whether you’re grabbing this for a day on deck, or you just need a stylish coverup to go with jeans and boots while the rain pours down, the Submariner has got you covered. Literally.



Ideal for: Artists, dreamers, stylish renegades.

What is it: Our version of the famous Breton shirt worn by Picasso back in the '60s.

Why is it perfect? The Picasso is a design classic because it riffs on the timeless Breton and somehow makes it even more stylish. With wide white panels at the top and bottom, it’s an immensely flattering shirt for all body shapes, and offers something a little more unique, too.

If you love stripes but you don’t fancy plumping for a standard Breton, this is the top for you.

The Breton Vert

Ideal for: Gardeners, unique souls and people who just like the colour green.

What is it: Our Original Breton, but in green.

Why is it perfect? If you’re not a fan of blue or black, or you’ve already got plenty of blue and black clothes and need a subtle injection of colour in your wardrobe, the Breton Vert is your guy.

Choosing green for the stripes was, if you don’t mind us saying, a stroke of genius. It means matching it with cargo pants or chinos is a winning combination, and it looks delightfully different with skinnies or leggings and a pair of trainers. Classy but comfy.

Which Breton shirt are you going to opt for? Let us know by including us in your Instagram posts!