Breton Shirt Navy

It seemed so obvious; take all the ingredients from our Original Breton Shirts and simply change the recipe and alter the quantities. Result? A fantastic navy based Nautique Breton shirt not only looks stunning but also feels so comfortable we can (apart from the occasional wash!) guarantee you won’t want to take them off! Made from 100% knitted soft unbleached cotton and as with all our traditional French fisherman's shirts they are styled in the classic square cut fit. If you are seeking a slightly different viewpoint that is still unmistakably Breton. Look no further. So comfortable they’re addictive!

As featured in GQ

As featured in GQ, July 2017



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The original

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All our garments are made on the Atlantic coast by a small family business. Created, manufactured and hand finished to the highest possible standards using only locally sourced materials and skilled craftspeople.

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