This Breton Shirt is Still Going Strong: Guess When it Was Purchased…

We all have an item of clothing in our wardrobe that we’ve had for some time. Maybe you bought a leather jacket 10 years ago and wear and love it daily. Or perhaps that old faithful pair of jeans has been going strong for a decade and a half.

Well, we know someone who can beat that where one of his favourite garments is concerned. Joff (pictured below) contacted us recently to let us know his beloved Breton shirt (also in the image) has been going strong since the late ’80s. Yes, really.

Made in the ’80s

He emailed us to let us know and it absolutely made our day here at our headquarters in Harrogate.

‘Thought you might like to see one of your shirts still going strong.’ Joff’s email read. ‘Purchased, I thought early to mid 80s but I see you weren’t open till 88 so must have been then.’

Our founder, Angus, says Joff must have bought his gorgeous green striped Breton shirt from either our original shop in Cirencester, or via classified newspaper adverts in The Times, The Telegraph or private eye. You can feast your eyed on one of those adverts below.

If you were ever thinking about getting a Breton Shirt, perhaps Joff’s email offers you even more reassurance about the quality and longevity of our shirts.

Want a shirt like Joff’s? Our nearest styles are the Breton Saint Etienne (pictured below) and the Breton Vert. The former is nicknamed ‘Les Verts’.

Angus’ first football memories are of Saint Etienne visiting Glasgow on a cold October evening back in 1968. The city was crammed with opposing fans, both sporting a sea of green.

“Celtic fans were in their traditional green hoops and Saint Etienne were in their solid green shirts as they faced Celtic in the second leg of the then European Cup.” says Angus, who visualised this when he created the Breton Saint Etienne.

Featuring crisp white stripes on a fresh green backdrop, it’s also square cut and made from super soft 180gsm cotton.

So Comfortable, They’re Addictive

The latter shirt – The Breton Vert (below) – is made from 100% knitted 18 gsm unbleached cotton and it’s made to a square cut fit as with all our nautical shirts. The more you wash it the better it feels; so comfortable, these shirts are addictive.


Love, care and attention to detail goes into each of our garments – and you can be sure of a great fit and a shirt that will last and last. View our complete range here on our site and pick out your favourite.

So, tell us…do you have a Breton Shirt Company shirt that is even older than Joff’s? If so, we’d love to hear from you and feature you here on our blog – just get in touch here.

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Until next time…