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If you follow us on Instagram, you'll have heard the news. If not, we were in Vogue magazine! That's right, our handmade Breton shirts have featured amongst the pages of one of the world's biggest fashion magazines.

Wondering how such a key collaboration came to be? Well, aside from the fact our shirts are highly sought-after, that is.

It all began when the stylish team behind New York-based designer label, Linder, contacted us. They were keen to collaborate with our own team on a very special range of shirts. It would, of course, feature the iconic Breton stripe. We were more than happy to get on board...why wouldn't we, after all?

The label's plans? To take the collaborative designs onto the catwalk during New York Fashion Week

The concept was to add eye-catching, retro-inspired screen prints to our shirts, with a huge horse being just one of the proposed designs. They were certainly different and would introduce our shirts to a high-fashion audience. We were completely in on the idea and couldn't wait to receive the resulting photos from the catwalk.
Shipping out a delivery of striped shirts, our dream of seeing our shirts on a US catwalk was later scuppered when the package didn't turn up. So it was quite literally a no-show for the innovative designs at New York Fashion show.
That said, Vogue stuck to their word and featured our shirts - albeit styled slightly diffeently - in the magazine. Below, you can see some snapshots of the resulting images; what do you think?
We love the look of this sleeveless Breton shirt; do you? Would you wear it like this, or do you prefer the long-sleeved look?
We think it's fab for summer - and we can see this style being worn by fashionable men and women the world over. We also love the addition of the rosette.
Sadly, these exclusive designs aren't available here on the Breton Shirt Company site. Did you see these pics in Vogue? Let us know by commenting below...
If you were to add a high-fashion slant to our shirts, what would you do to them?
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