The Story Behind the Breton Shirt Co

Since 1988, The Breton Shirt Company has been bringing a touch of stripy sophistication from Brittany straight to British shores.

Things have changed over the years, though. Once upon a time we’d sit in our dad’s cramped Bedford truck on the way back from France, packed in tight with authentically French Breton shirts all around us ready to sell in England. Now, we sell hand-crafted shirts made on the Atlantic coast especially for us by a family business skilled in making perfect Breton shirts.

Back in the day, we’d advertise in newspapers, and you might have seen us before in your favourite paper or magazine. Whether you read The Times, Private Eye, NME or even Viz in the 80s, 90s or early 00s, you’ll have seen our stripy shirts – we’ve always been ahead of the trend!

Of course, back when we first began The Breton Shirt Company, our favourite way to style the iconic shirt was with high-waisted stonewashed jeans and a denim jacket. True '80s chic. Or, for a total summer transformation perhaps we’d wear a Breton shirt under a pair of dungaree shorts with espadrilles and a straw hat. Ideal for trips to the beach, and best accessorised with an ice cream and Duran Duran on the radio.

Breton shirts are more popular than ever in our era of understated but classy everyday wear - and it isn't surprising. You can wear a Breton with anything – at least we think so, anyway. That’s why we love creating new cuts and enjoy seeing your pictures on Instagram. It really keeps us inspired and shows us just how timeless the humble stripe is.

From the Duchess of York to Picasso, Breton shirts have universal appeal. That’s why we’ve developed our range to showcase the versatility of our shirts, with classic and contemporary styles for both men and women to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional long-sleeved Breton shirt or a slim-fitting Breton stripe top in bright colours, we’ve got what you’re looking for. And what’s more, our shirts are the real deal.

Long-lasting, hard-wearing, softer as they wear in, 'goes-with-everything', stylish but not outlandish, classic, chic, lifts any outfit, always in style. Is there anything a Breton shirt can’t do?

Here are two of our favourite easy-styled ideas to give you inspiration for your next Breton investment:

Wide Leg Style

Look how effortlessly crisp and cool Eva Mendez looks here in wide-legged trousers, nude sandals and a bright Breton.

We love our brightly coloured Breton shirts, but for a more classic take on the look, our blue and black stripes work just as effectively for a polished daytime look. Finish off with oversized sunglasses and casually tied-back hair.

Bright and Bold

We love this street-smart look. Bright red capri pants look great with a Breton shirt - perfect for a day out around the city. Ideal, we’d say, for a Paris city break. Start making hints now.

However you wear your Breton, when you buy yours from us, you know that you’re supporting an independent business, a traditional family industry and keeping true Breton stripes at the height of fashion now and forever.

Until next time...