Behind the Scenes on a Breton Shirt Company Fashion Shoot

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes on a fashion shoot? If so, step this way as we walk you through Breton Shirt Company's latest photo session...

Selecting Our Models 

Anyone and everyone looks great in a Breton shirt - and you really can pair them with anything in your wardrobe; our sustainable cotton shirts work just as well with smart, black trousers as they do with jeans.

Once summer rolls around, we'll be teaming our favourite shirt with denim shorts, dungarees and cropped pants. The possibilities are endless.

Our brand was born in France - and our models, like the fashionistas you'd expect to see strolling up and down Paris' Champs Elysees (or maybe even sunning themselves on a St Tropez beach) always exude an air of nonchalance.

Effortlessly stylish, they look like they were made to wear our shirts - and when they turn up for our shoots, they need little direction...

Lights, Camera...Action!

Our carefully-selected Breton shirt models will be given a variety of our shirts to model - and they expertly capture the essence of Breton Shirt Company in each and every shot.

We keep the rest of the styling to a minimum, allowing the shirts to speak for themselves. Our models wear jeans or plain trousers on their bottom half, to give you the chance to see how the shirts fall and what they look like when dressed down. After all, a lot of you tell us you love wearing your shirt with anything from loungewear to skinny jeans - with the emphasis always on comfort.

The shoot takes a while (with plenty of outfit changes) - but it's a fun day. Our models have worked with us for some time and know what we're looking for. The hard part is whittling the many photos down to the handful that will later make it onto our website.

Whittling the Photos Down

Our photographic team take shot after shot, each of which is cropped to size later. A batch of pictures is then presented to our founder, before a set of photos is selected for our website. We change the photos - alongside our range - with the seasons, so you can be sure there's often something new to add to your wardrobe. 

If you head to our homepage, you'll see some the results of this - our latest photo shoot.

Going Live!

Once we've selected a handful of photos for our site, our marketing team uploads them - to our homepage and various other pages around Breton Shirt Company's online home. Then, we wait with baited breath to see what you - our loyal customers - make of them. Thankfully, the photos never disappoint and are met with nothing but praise.

It's all thanks, of course, to the work of our models and our team.

Get more behind-the-scenes news and views by keeping an eye here on our blog.

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