Breton Shirt Company: Frequently Asked Questions

Got your eye on a Breton Shirt Company shirt and not sure which size to buy? Or perhaps you’ve bought one of our pieces and you don't know how to best care for it?

To help you find the answers to your burning questions more easily, we’ve compiled a handy frequently asked questions guide, but you can also find a more extensive one here.

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Which size shirt should I choose?

Our shirt styles are cut slightly differently, so please refer to the size guide on the individual product page.

How do I care for my Breton shirt?

Our garments are made from 100% knitted organic cotton and they’re hand cut to size in our family-run workshop in Portugal. The shirts will tighten up over time, but you can be sure that no shrinkage will occur if your shirt is washed at 30 degrees.

Do not tumble dry your shirt either and make sure you steam iron it back to shape following a wash.

Do you have a UK shop?

Our UK headquarters is in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, but it’s simply where we ship our products from and, you can’t buy shirts directly from our offices. We do have stockists worldwide and we regularly tag them in posts on our Instagram feed – take a look.

I bought the wrong size; how do I return my Breton shirt?

If you want to return your Breton shirt for any reason, you can do so using the address below. You will need to head to your local post office to return the parcel; we don’t offer a courier service at this time.

To return the shirt to us for an exchange or refund, look for the returns form in the original package, complete it, detailing exchange requirements and ship it back to us with the unwanted shirt(s). We will only accept goods returned to us in the condition they were received. Odourless and neatly folded, all items must be in a saleable condition. You are responsible for the return postage, we will not take any responsibility for any items that do not reach our offices or that get lost in transit. 

The form contains all the info you need, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any more assistance; we do not cover the cost of any returns, but by utilising our sizing guide in advance of your purchase, you should be able to find the right size shirt, if you are purchasing one for yourself.

If you’re purchasing a shirt for someone else and it isn’t a surprise gift, why not ask your recipient to send across their measurements?

The Original Breton Shirt Company
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North Yorkshire HG5 OSD

How do the weights of your shirts differ?

Perhaps you’ve wondered what the different numbers (gsm) refer to here on our site; they simply reflect the weight of the shirt’s fabric, with 180gsm being a standard t-shirt thickness and 220gsm being an interlocked cotton fabric (a slightly thicker t-shirt). Finally, the 300gsm shirt offers the thickness of a sweatshirt.

We hope you’ve found what you’re looking for. If not, do get in touch with our team via email at and we’ll get back to you asap. In the meantime, you can find us on social media, via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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