Don’t Forget About Our Personalisation Option...

There’s something special about a Breton Shirt Company shirt.

We’re not talking about the distinctive, eye-catching stripes - although that’s certainly a big part of it. Rather, the beauty of a Breton shirt lies in the personal touch that can be added to every single shirt.

At Breton Shirt Company, we made a promise to be different from the brands that have their products mass-produced by labourers who are worked to the bone via a process that is both cold and 'anonymous'.

We’re all about sustainability and quality, and that’s what you’ll find in each and every Breton shirt. Every garment we produce is made here on the Atlantic coast using skilled craftspeople who infuse their personal touch into every thread they stitch. That’s Breton quality: authentically nautical, authentically made.

Not only does each shirt have a personal, high-quality touch added to it, but there is another option for you to tailor your Breton shirt into a truly one-of-a-kind item, unique to you.

We’re talking about our personalised embroidery service.

Every Breton shirt available here on the Breton Shirt Company website comes with the option to add your own personal flair in the form of embroidered initials. You have the option of adding two or three initials, as well as choosing between three font options and three options for shirt placement: above the breast, at the bottom right and on the sleeve. Choose between blue, red or white coloured thread to match the colour of your Breton shirt.

Personalisation from Breton Shirt Company

Every personalised shirt is embroidered by hand by our embroider, Samantha - a stylist based in London. Samantha’s been in the fashion business for quite some time, and in fact is one of the best in the business! Every Breton shirt she embroiders is handled with care and loving attention to detail, which definitely shows in the final product. It’s a slow process done by hand, but one that ensures the shirt you receive has that extra special, personalised touch so you can cherish your Breton shirt for years to come.

With Christmas around the corner, you might still be searching for the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life. What better way to show you care than by gifting them a lovingly hand embroidered Breton shirt? The personalised initials are bound to be a hit.

What makes this a perfect gift is that no two personalised shirts are exactly alike. Even when you’re gifting shirts to people who share the same combination of initials, the beauty of Samantha’s embroidery is such that every personalized shirt is unique and original, since it’s difficult to replicate something by hand when you’re embroidering.

Beyond the usual name initials you might go for when choosing how to personalise your Breton shirt, you can play with some other possibilities. For an anniversary, wedding or birthday gift, for example, you can have the last two digits of the special date embroidered. Want to rep a favourite sports team or other organisation? Now you can. Get started here on our site.

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