Channel Kate Middleton's Style: Here's How

It’s a well-known fact that the Princess of Wales has good sense when it comes to fashion. It’s also a well-known fact that she enjoys wearing Breton striped tops (hence her good sense).

We like to think - though, admittedly, we may be a tad biased - that Breton striped tops offer a fresh look, whatever the season; and they exude confidence, elegance, and charm, very much like Kate Middleton herself.

Below, we’ve listed a few items that we think you’ll love, and which will make you feel as well put together as Kate this autumn.

Breton Shirt Blue

It’s the classic shirt we ran back in 1995, when many of us believed wrinkles only happened to other people. Oh 1995, how we miss you. But thankfully, unlike some of us, this fresh-looking shirt aged gracefully. We actually feel it’s better than the original '90s classic. We christened it: the Nautique Royale. Clean white stripes on a mesmerising sea of blue, you can’t go wrong.


The Breton Vert

Fun fact: we all know that the Breton stripes were originally part of a sailor’s uniform, but did you know that the characteristic stripes were introduced so that it was easier to spot sailors who had been thrown overboard? And just like those wayward sailors of old, you’ll be easy to spot wearing this cool green-stripes-on-white top, as you go about your day looking snazzy.

Breton Shirt Navy

It’s bold, it’s brave, it’s sleek - this is our fantastic navy-based Nautique Breton shirt. Like all of our tops, it’s made from 100% knitted and unbleached cotton, which is soft, soft, soft, and styled in the classic square cut fit. We guarantee it’ll be an item you wear time and time again, so much so that you might forget to wash it. Though if you’re feeling rather princess-like, and it does require a wash, you might want to get someone else to wash it for you. Just saying.

The Breton Azure

Just in! Who would’ve thought that getting a different combination of stripes to work together would be so challenging. But our blood, sweat, and tears (none, we swear, went on the cotton) was well worth it. Azure blue stripes on a lush green landscape, it has that quiet but determined feel to it. As always, it’s manufactured in our family-run factory in Portugal, and it's made from 180gm cotton.


Picasso Rouge

Ever feel like you want to embody the artist within but don’t know where to start? You could pick up a pencil and start doodling. You could pick up a paint brush or begin to write a bit of prose in your favourite notebook. Or, and this, for obvious reasons, is the option we encourage you to take, you could wear our snug-red stripes on a flash of white, just like Picasso wore in the classic photo of him in his kitchen. You know the one.

And if you become a world-famous artist, you know who to thank…

Until next time.