Creating a Capsule Wardrobe: Our Top Tips

The ideal capsule wardrobe usually consists of no more than six pieces. Each piece will work within the set to provide the wearer with a variety of looks. A theme or occasion helps tie the pieces together and there is often the option to dress the items ‘up’ or ‘down’. Footwear can easily help the transition from daytime to evening, too.

Let’s look at the perfect capsule wardrobe for a British summer weekend away.


Keeping things simple is key when creating a capsule wardrobe, so a pair of classic white trainers are perfect during the day. They're comfortable and easy to wear with denim or cotton...just remember to pack some trainer socks and you’ll be ready to walk, explore and lunch wherever you happen to be.

For a potential dressier occasion that needs something more than classic trainer chic, a leather sandal or wedge for ladies is a great option. For men, try a deck shoe or loafer, again easy to take from day to night and doesn’t take up too much room in the case. Word of caution though, if you are planning on exposing those toes, be sure to have them pruned and preened ready for public consumption.

Lower Half

Sticking with the idea of denim or cotton, jeans are an easy option for a capsule look. Add a white shirt and you’ve a gorgeous tailored look that with a little bit of statement jewellery of even just the right use of scent can turn heads for all the right reasons.

As well as jeans, add in chinos, linen, statement print or palazzo pants and you’ve got yourself a great option for evening wear, which can again be tuned down if needed for daytime. A floaty pair of palazzo pants in red, for example, with a classic Breton shirt would be a great statement look that takes you from window shopping to cocktails in one easy move.


Of course, a Breton shirt needs to be part of a weekend away capsule wardrobe and we have so many choose from. If, however, we’re sticking with the rule of keeping things simple, then the go-to selection would be Le T-Shirt V2 (below) and the Picasso II.


Le T-Shirt V2 works great with denim, is short-sleeved for those sunny days sightseeing and also looks great with a tan sandal and linen for evenings.

The Picasso II is a stylish twist on the classic Breton and the deeper white neckline, red detail and royal blue offers a chic look that can be easily dressed up with statement jewellery or smart trousers. 

These tops, along with a classic white shirt, are all you need to complete the set of tops for your weekend capsule wardrobe.


Adding an extra layer, just in case the weather turns or if you’re planning on being out and about into the evening, is a sensible move. Navy will go everything on the list, modern military would give things a tougher vibe, while a biker style in a soft, subtle suede would add charisma. Have a look and see what you’ve got in your wardrobe to match your mood for your weekend away.

To recap – Staycation Weekend Wardrobe

  1. Jeans
  2. Linen, cotton or statement trouser
  3. Le T-Shirt V2
  4. Picasso II
  5. White cotton shirt
  6. Jacket.

And white trainers and a pair of sandals or leather flats.

Until next time...