Need a belated Father's Day gift? Read On...

A classic Breton shirt is a great choice for a Father’s Day gift this year - but if you're a little late sending your Dad - or someone who's like a dad - a gift this June, a belated present is better than no present.

With travel plans limited this summer, the Breton shirt is a great way for your dad to adopt European casual style in the comfort of his own back garden. From Paul Newman to Pablo Picasso, the Breton shirt has been a classic look for men ever since they were first worn as undershirts by French sailors.

Jean Paul Gautier could be held responsible for reinventing the chiselled, honed look of the Breton shirt but, honestly, whatever size or shape your dad might be, a Breton shirt is sure to flatter him.

The Original Breton Shirt

Let’s start with the classic - an easy to wear staple for any man’s wardrobe and can go from day to night easily. This shirt is a must-have for the oncoming summer days when a Saturday afternoon walk round town soon becomes dinner out and a drink or two.

The Original Breton Patch Shirt

A slight twist on the classic with the addition of navy elbow patches - here's the Original Breton Patch Shirt.

This version of the Breton shirt is a great choice for men who are hard on their shirts and often find the elbows are the first thing to go. We like to think it’s a subtle update to the classic design and also practical for those who like to get their money’s worth from a shirt.

The Breton Sweater Ecru Navy

This sweater version of the classic Breton look with the three buttons to the neck looks great over jeans for a casual dining look.

With alfresco evenings de rigueur now, this sweater is a perfect solution for when your dad needs something stylish but warm to enjoy the British summer evenings. It also looks great under a navy peacoat come the autumn, so it's a great choice to see him through to next season too.

The Breton Scarf

For those with a budget in mind but wanting to add a touch of Breton style to dad’s wardrobe a simple Breton scarf could be just the answer. Made from super soft cotton and in two colour ways to choose from it’s a lovely accessory, but best reserved for when autumn rolls around, making it a VERY belated Father's Day gift. Still, we did say a late present is better than no present at all.

The Breton V Tee

Some men prefer a V neckline to their Tee Shirts. The Breton V Tee is an excellent belated Father’s Day gift for any dad who likes to show off a bit of chest hair and isn’t keen on the tighter round-neck fit. In cool royal blue and white, this tee looks great over denim with a pair of flip-flops or sandals - a great choice for the beach-loving dad.

Picasso II

Last but not least, here's something a little bit different - and it's named after one of the very champions of the Breton shirt, Pablo Picasso.

This design takes the classic stripe, adds a dash of red (which works beautifully with the royal blue) and 'bam', with the deeper white neckline you have an individual take which will look fabulous on any man.

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