Blue is the Colour: Meet Our Favourite Blue Bretons

The original Breton shirt, worn by French sailors, featured horizontal navy blue and white stripes. Though Breton shirts have now evolved to feature more colours and stripe styles, we simply cannot resist the appeal of the classic blue stripe.

In this blog post, we’re paying homage to tradition by shining the spotlight on our favourite blue Breton tops, all available on our website. Read on…

The Breton Bleu

We couldn’t start off this list with anything other than the Breton Bleu, the quintessential blue Breton top. The Breton Bleu is blue on blue chic, but you’ll be feeling anything but, well, blue when you wear this ultra-soft shirt around. This shirt is the epitome of French naval style, from its regatta blue stripes down to its square cut design. In other words, simple but oh so stylish!

The Nautique Royale

Is the Nautique Royale more blue than white? Yes. Yes it is. Perhaps that’s why we love it so much.

There’s a hint of the original Breton shirt here, but the Nautique Royale’s thick blue stripes take centre stage. This timeless shirt will look right at home in any wardrobe – and on you. Pair the Nautique Royale with light coloured trousers – think off-white or light beige – and you’ve got yourself a cheery blue ensemble.

The Picasso

Want to look and feel cool this summer?

The Picasso will lend you a hand there. This Breton shirt’s nostalgic design features plenty of blue stripes against a sea of white for a truly nautical vibe.

The Picasso won’t magically give you the ability to paint like its namesake artist, but it certainly will mentally transport you somewhere along the sun-drenched French seaside. What’s more, this super soft cotton shirt will keep you warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. How’s that for a versatile stripe?

The Breton V Tee

What do you get when you combine a classic V neck with royal blue stripes? Why, the Breton V Tee, of course.

There’s lots to love about this breezy shirt, which holds up well in warmer weather. We absolutely love the thin blue stripes of this Breton shirt, which goes excellently with cuffed denim trousers for a casual summer look. We can’t think of a better Breton shirt that perfectly captures the French sailor aesthetic.

The Breton Stripe X2

Brace yourselves. The Breton Stripe X2 is not like the other blue Bretons we’ve listed here.

For one, this shirt has only two stripes, red layered over crisp white. For another, the base of this shirt is a dark navy blue, almost dark enough to be black. But though the Breton Stripe X2 does not look like the classic Bretons, this is still a daring enough take on the original stripes that we daresay it’s on its way to being a Breton icon.

Well, that’s all from us for now. We hope we’ve managed to convince you that Team Blue Breton is the way to go!

Until next time…