Easy French-Inspired Style Swaps

We’ll be the first to say it: there’s something so appealing about French fashion. It can be described as chic and elegant, but with no shortage of comfort. It’s the kind of timeless clothing style that blends effortless chic with mellow simplicity.

Looking to give your own wardrobe a French-inspired makeover? It’s easy! In this article, we suggest some style swaps you can make right now. Read on…

Oversized Button-Down Blouse

Already a blouse person? Then, for a versatile switch-up, why not try out oversized button-down blouses? Compared to regular-fitting blouses, oversized blouses can be dressed up or down with a seemingly endless combination of ways to tuck or tie the hem.

Tucked into wide leg trousers, oversized button-down blouses have an almost preppy look, perfect for a French-inspired aesthetic. If you leave the last few buttons at the bottom open, you can tie your oversized button-down blouse into a knot and wear it over jeans for a more casual look perfect for the high street or a Parisian getaway.


Your usual style of hat might be casual, consisting of bucket hats and caps, but if you’re looking for a more Parisian-inspired style swap, the obvious choice is a beret. Is there anything that says ‘French’ more than a beret? We think not!

A standard black beret can be worn with just about anything, but you can experiment with different colours to complement the rest of your outfit. We think red berets look particularly dashing, especially when worn with another red article of clothing (like your shoes or scarf).

Polo Neck

For a style swap that will make you look at home in Paris, switch out your rounded necklines for polo necks. Polo neck shirts or jumpers  are well-loved over in France, so it makes sense to own a few of these in several colours, though neutral colours (think: black) are perhaps the best choice for endless layering options.

To add some personality to a plain polo neck, a thin belt does the trick. Otherwise, you can wear your polo neck under a blazer for even more of a French look.

Neck Scarf

Another quintessential French wardrobe piece has to be the neck scarf. Forego your usual necklaces for a thin silk or chiffon scarf, which you can knot around your neck however you like.

As for colours, stick to solid prints if the rest of your outfit is already quite busy. If your outfit is plain and understated, though, then don’t shy away from patterned neck scarves.

Breton-striped Shirt

If you normally wear plain tees without patterns, why not switch things up a bit and opt for some Breton stripes? Originating from Brittany in northwest France, Breton striped shirts are about as French as you can get when it comes to shirt options. Wear them on their own, or layer them under a blazer or denim jacket.

A classic Breton comes in navy blue stripes on an ecru base, but there are various colours and styles you can experiment with. To see all the style options available, have a look through our selection of Breton tops.

Until next time…