Great British Spring Mini Breaks

In need of some time away from your everyday hustle? Don’t we all! It will certainly do your mental health a world of good to step away from it all and treat yourself to a mini break.

This spring, take advantage of the warmer weather and the longer days with a well-deserved holiday away from home, just long enough for you to relax and forget about everything. Here are three ways you can enjoy yourself on your spring break here in the UK without booking a flight overseas.

Visit a Seaside Town

The great thing about living in Great Britain (aside from the name!) is that no matter where you are, you won’t be more than an hour's drive away from the sea. That means a retreat to a vibrant coastal town is well within reach.

So pack your favourite beach-ready shirts and sandals and drive on over to any one of the UK’s countless seaside towns. From the widely popular Whitstable in England’s north Kent to the more old-fashioned Southwold in Suffolk, you’ll find plenty of things to see and do on your coastal town outing, from sailing on the open water to enjoying fresh local seafood and popping into quaint beachfront shops.

Unwind in the English Countryside

If you’re a regular city slicker, a bucolic retreat away from the traffic jams might just be what you need this spring. The English countryside is especially noteworthy for its stunning views and slow, idyllic lifestyle, especially in the more rural areas.

The Cotswolds immediately comes to mind when thinking of unspoilt English countryside. In any of the six counties there, expect to find plenty of picturesque hills, meadows and hike-able woodlands to lose yourself in. You certainly can’t forget stopping by the rustic towns and cities of The Cotswolds, as well as the charming little cottages you can’t help but fawn over.

For those scenic romps through the countryside, we suggest pairing a comfy Breton top with an even more comfortable pair of trainers!

Explore the Concrete Jungle

On the flip side, maybe you spend all your time in a rural village and are starting to go stir crazy from the slowness of it all. In that case, why not take a little trip to one of the UK’s many bustling, lively cities?

Rich with historical attractions and tourist sites alike, there’ll be no shortage of places to visit, no matter what city you choose! Particularly for the self-proclaimed foodies out there, you can take yourself on a gastronomical tour spanning the globe, all without stepping foot outside the UK.

Don your best city chic as you tour some of London’s most exciting spots, like the royally exquisite Buckingham Palace or the more modern Shard. Or pop into Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium if you fancy some footie, or admire the architecture of the cathedrals dotted throughout Manchester.

We hope we’ve now inspired you to go on and take that short hol that you deserve. There are plenty of great places here in the UK for you to relax in and enjoy—all while donning your Breton stripes, of course.

Until next time…