How to Style a Black and White Breton Shirt

Not sure how to style your black and white Breton shirt? You’re in luck, as these striped Bretons are incredibly easy to style, as these monochrome stripes go with just about anything.

In this blog post, we offer some tips for dressing your black and white Breton up or down, depending on your mood. Read on…

With a Colourful Scarf

As you might expect, a vibrant burst of colour will complement any black and white outfit. When you’re dealing with the extra element of stripes, a solid-coloured accessory will help bring together your entire look.

For chic Parisian flair, you can opt for a thin red scarf tied smartly around your neck. More for the cold weather look? Then perhaps a chunky knit scarf is what you need.

Although a solid-coloured scarf looks best with a black and white Breton, don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns! Be bold and throw on a floral-printed scarf, or reach for that funkily-patterned scarf you got as a Christmas gift one year.

With a Statement Necklace

Breton shirts are known for their laidback, casual nature, but there are ways to dress them up, especially a black and white-striped Breton.

Enter the statement necklace. A long-time fashion favourite, these necklaces are known for…well, making a statement! We think these personality-filled necklaces speak for themselves.

Want a tough look perfect for a night out on the town? Throw on a layered statement necklace over your black and white Breton, then shrug on a leather jacket over it all. Geometrical necklaces can add a touch of minimalistic glam to any outfit, particularly when paired with Breton stripes. And, of course, a little colour goes a long way with a black and white top, so you can also opt for a dazzling necklace with colourful gemstones.

With a Denim Jacket

We’re not sure what it is about denim jackets and stripes, but they go together about as well as bread and butter do. And it makes sense! Denim jackets and Breton shirts are both extremely versatile wardrobe staples, so when you put them together, pure magic happens.

Layer a denim jacket over a black and white Breton, then throw on jeans and white trainers, and you’ve instantly got yourself a casual, weekend-ready outfit. For an even more fun denim on denim look, swap the jeans for denim dungarees.

With a Blazer

Combined with a blazer, your black and white Breton suddenly gets a professional upgrade, perfect for wearing to the office. That’s right: the versatile black and white stripes of your Breton top are business-casual friendly.

Go for a black blazer and dark trousers if you want a sleek, monochromatic look. For a little bit of colour, opt instead for a brown or beige tweed blazer, as well as a similarly coloured skirt or trousers. A flat cap can add a charming, handsome flair to it all.

If you must have a red and white Breton shirt, go for it - and you do you. We love this look, as put together by one of our Instagram followers.

We hope we could give you some ideas about how to style your black and white Breton! There are tons more ways to style these adaptable stripes, so go forth and let your creativity shine.

Until next time…