Interview With Samantha

A few months ago, we added a new feature for our customers – embroidery! It’s safe to say that so far, people are loving personalising their Breton Shirts! Luckily for us, our embroiderer, Samantha, is one of the best in the business. Here’s an interview with her:


Tell us a little bit about yourself

“My name is Samantha and I am a Stylist living in London. 

I came from a Fashion & Marketing background having studied this at University, a million years ago!

Originally from Yorkshire, I have always liked to experiment with different creative disciplines, once even starting a cupcake business with a pretty successful stall in Beverley!  I moved to London around 7 years ago and worked for a variety of Photography Companies before deciding that being freelance or running my own business was the only life for me.

I now co-own a Photography Studio in West London with my wonderful business partner, Light Project Photography.  We have the most incredible Studio Dachshund called Bill Murray who is definitely THE face of the company and quite possibly one of the main reasons our clients come back time and time again.”


How did you get into embroidery?

“I started playing around with embroidery in my spare time a few years ago as a way of keeping my restless creative fingers busy during a time I was working a fairly boring job.  Over the time since then, it has become something of an obsession where I constantly strive to improve and learn everything I can about this beautiful craft.”



What do you enjoy most about embroidery?

“The most rewarding thing that I find about producing an embroidered piece, is making something completely one-off and original.  No matter how hard you might try, it is almost impossible to identically copy something that you have embroidered by hand, I love the slight differences that naturally occur. 

One of the main reasons I started to embroider as much as I do, is due to the fact of how it slows down your day.  In a busy world the act of stopping a taking the time to create something, even as small as a set of initials on a Breton Shirt, really gives you a moment of peace.” 


Talk us through the embroidery process

“When I receive an order from The Breton Shirt Co, I first pop on 6 music and clear my working space of clutter, group together the colours and styles and get out my tools.  Now ready to start I take each shirt and complete start to finish, from taking it out of the packaging to marking up the initials, threading the needle and getting to work.  Only once I am happy with the quality of the initials do I fold the shirt back up and place it in the complete pile.

It is GREAT to see the different combinations people ask for to put that personal stamp on their clothing!”


What’s your favourite Breton Shirt we stock?

“My favourite of the Breton's available on The Breton Shirt Co is 100% the Submariner - Not only is the Life Aquatic one of my favourite movies but I love the heavier weight to wear loose and flowing!”



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