Our Favourite Women’s Shirts for Winter

With temperatures dropping and daylight hours becoming shorter, it’s time to break out the winter clothes buried in the back of our wardrobes. For us, true winter wear involves bundling up in a cosy Breton-striped shirt whilst enjoying a mug of hot mulled cider by the fireplace – but that’s just us!

Because we know you want to lounge in style this winter, we picked out some of our favourite women’s shirts guaranteed to keep you warm and stylish in the cold weather, because Breton shirts aren’t just for the summer. Read on for our picks...

Marin Bleu

Our Marin Bleu shirt is an absolute joy to wear in low temperatures. Crafted from thick, ultra-soft luxury organic interlock cotton in a stylish square cut, you’ll be comfortable and warm as you go about your day.

The red and navy stripes reflect our fond memory of the shop awnings of Sanremo - a quiet Italian village facing the Ligurian Sea. We hope you’ll share our memory of warm Mediterranean sunshine when you wear the Marin Bleu this winter.

Breton Rugby Shirt

The Breton Rugby Shirt is an old favourite of ours, and one we want to share with you.

This 100% organic cotton shirt is thick enough to keep you cosy in the winter, but thin enough not to restrict your movements. We paired a distinctive matelot style with a classic collar and a vented hem for a vintage nautical feel we’re sure you’ll enjoy. The Breton Rugby Shirt will stand the test of time so you can savour it for many winters to come.


What do you get when you beef up the Original Breton shirt? Answer: the Submariner.

Neither chilly ocean breezes nor nippy winter winds will disturb you when you’ve got on this robust shirt. Made from heavy weight cotton, the square cut Submariner is both ultra-durable and amazingly soft – not to mention stylish! After a few washes, this shirt will fade wonderfully, making it lived in the more you wear it. And trust us, the Submariner is so addictively cosy that it will quickly become a wardrobe staple.


Like its painter namesake, the Picasso shirt will add a touch of colourful artistic flair to any winter ensemble. The distinctive fisherman stripes are not only classic Breton, but also evocative of all we associate with France: the cobbled streets, the chateaux, the bustling markets and, most importantly, the pleasant sunshine. Inspire your mind and treat yourself with this soft-to-the-touch, nostalgic shirt.

Bateau Mariniere Vin

The classic boat necked Bateau Mariniere Vin brings back nostalgic memories of a day out at sea, with a chill nautical breeze lightly buffeting you. Relive those memories, minus the cold breeze, with this stylish shirt, which captures both the sailor spirit and the chicness of Paris.

The super soft organic cotton material means you will be warm, cosy and—most importantly!—fashionable in this shirt. In addition, the vented hem gives this shirt a distinctively feminine look.

Until next time...