Short-Sleeved Bretons for British Beach Days

There’s nothing quite as simultaneously relaxing and exciting as a day out at the beach, is there?

Between soaking your worries away under the sun (with plenty of sun protection, of course) and splashing about in the surf, a beach outing is just the mental refresher you need.

We’ve put together a list of short-sleeved Bretons so you can enjoy your beachy jaunt in comfort and style. Read on…

Le T-Shirt

What do you get when you chop the sleeves off the original Breton shirt? This is no riddle – the answer’s the Breton Le T-Shirt.

It’s everything you’d ever want in a tee, and more: stripy, buttery soft, durable and styled in a classic square cut fit reminiscent of traditional French fisherman shirts. We can’t think of a more suitable top to wear on a trip to the seashore.

T-Shirt Vin

If you’re after a variation of the Breton Le T-shirt to wear to the beach, then look no further than the Breton T-Shirt Vin. Like the Breton Le T-Shirt, the T-Shirt Vin features a stylish square cut, as well as an impressive combination of softness and durability that will withstand the strongest, salty breeze.

The difference, of course, lies in the vibrant red stripes of the T-Shirt Vin. We think these colourful stripes add even more of a nautical French charm to an already charming shirt.

Le T-Shirt v2

We decided to put another twist on the Breton Le T-Shirt (which, reassuringly,  won’t twist in the wash, our promise).

Enter the Le T-Shirt v2. It’s got all the things you love in the original Le T-Shirt, except the navy stripes are thicker and bolder, for those days when you want to embrace your dark side a little more. Or, perhaps, for those cloudier afternoons on the beach.

T-Shirt Navy avec Poche

Marrying comfort and convenience, the Breton T-Shirt Navy avec Poche is sure to be your new beach outfit go-to.

We can’t decide which we love most: the navy stripes, the cosy square cut fit or the handy breast pocket, perfect for storing whatever your heart desires. Can we just say we love it all?

We do have to give a special shout-out to that breast pocket, the true star of the show (or the shirt). Thanks to that pocket, there’s one less thing you’re carrying around in your hand, like your car keys or a folded bank note (perfect for a treat from the ice cream van!).

(Apres) Beach Breton Dress

If you don’t already have the Breton (Apres) Beach Dress in your summer wardrobe, now’s your chance to snag it. After all, it’s the perfect beach (and post-beach) uniform, light and airy enough that you can enjoy the sun and sea breeze on your skin while remaining covered up.

We think the Breton beach dress would look especially stylish with simple white trainers. If you’re heading out on the sand, then flip-flops or cute sandals will do just as nicely.

Now that you’re all suited up for your seaside outing, don’t forget to pack other essentials, like snacks, sun cream and a beach towel. Need somewhere to store it all? The Breton tote bag has got you covered.

Until next time…