The Season's Biggest Trends: Spring Edition

Whether you're someone who keeps a close eye on seasonal, catwalk trends or you prefer to simply stick to what you know and like when it comes to clothes shopping, there's no denying that spring is a great time to refresh your wardrobe.

If you are looking for a spot of sartorial inspiration, we're about to round up some of the top, seasonal trends we've spotted online. Read on to discover what they are...

The White Dress

VOGUE has called it: the humble white dress is going to be huge this spring/summer. Really, though, is it ever not a staple when the weather turns a little bit warmer?

There are plenty to choose from, but they all have one thing in common: they offer a casual, easy, breezy look - perfect for this time of year. Slip yours on for the beach or bar - and pair our Breton beach bag or tote (below) with it for a look that isn't too try-hard. 

The Classic Trench

The trench coat remains a classic for a reason; it really can be thrown over almost anything - and it looks great whether you opt for black, beige or something bolder. Again, VOGUE predicts the coat is going to be on many a wish list this spring - is it on yours?

High-rise Trousers

If a high-waisted trouser is your thing, you'll be glad to hear about this trend. Yes, these high-rise bottoms are all the rage this spring, according to GLAMOUR magazine online.

The site says they're perfect for everything from office wear to dinners - and we agree. For day or night, the high-rise trouser is a great choice.

Team your new high-waisted trousers with our short-sleeved Breton t-shirt, as seen here on our male model. 


The festive party season may be behind us, but metallics are still having a moment. That’s the message from GLAMOUR, who’ve included them as part of their spring 2024 fashion round up.

‘…metallics will serve you and your outfits well for months to come as golds and silvers look set to be one of the hottest colour trends of 2024.’ says the article’s author, adding: ‘Of course this trend lends itself most comfortably to eveningwear, but with Miu Miu and Rabanne offering up perfect dressed-down iterations with clever layering there's no excuse to skip this trend come spring.’

Pretty Pastels

…and finally, pastel shades are doing the rounds yet again this spring. Of course, there are more spring/summer trends beyond the ones mentioned here, but these are some of the big ones to watch out for.

We’re huge fans of pastels here at Breton Shirt Company – and if you are, too, you’ll love our Breton Rose shirt (below), which offers a subtle nod to the trend.

Wear this ultra feminine shirt with jeans, capri pants, short shorts (another key spring trend) or something else entirely

Will you be giving any of these key spring trends a try?

Until next time...

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