Want to treat someone special to a Breton shirt? Some Spring Picks...

Have you treated your mum to a Breton shirt ahead of Mother's Day this Sunday? Or you may want to treat another special someone to a spring gift.

Here at The Breton Shirt Company, we pride ourselves on our deep, faithful ties to the nautical origins of our Breton striped shirts. We think a high-quality shirt skilfully crafted and hand finished with locally sourced materials makes an extra memorable gift - for mums, or anyone else for that matter.

Read on for our top Breton shirt picks that your recipient will love.

The Breton V Tee

The Breton V Tee makes a wonderful addition to anyone's spring wardrobe. Made from white cotton that’s soft to the touch, the royal blue Breton stripes on this shirt are sure to keep your stylish friend or family member cool in warmer weather. Tying everything together is a classic V neck that meshes perfectly with the stylish square cut of this shirt.

Le T-Shirt

Love the Original Breton shirt, but wish it came in ‘warm weather mode’? Now it does! Gift someone special the Le T-Shirt, which looks almost exactly like our favourite Original Breton shirt, except with short sleeves. These short sleeves, plus the French fisherman inspired square cut and the dark navy blue stripes against a crisp white backdrop, are guaranteed to make this their go-to shirt this spring and beyond.

T-Shirt Vin avec Poche

The T-Shirt Vin avec Poche is the upgraded, stylish cousin of the Le T-Shirt. The red stripes are undoubtedly eye-catching, as is the small, chic patch pocket. Your recipient will be glad for this cute little ‘poche,’ in which they can store everything from car keys and money to their favourite lip balm. 

Mariniere Naval Femme

The Mariniere Naval Femme is hands down another Breton favourite. The perfect spring and summer wardrobe essential, this cool cotton shirt features classic dark navy and white stripes that channel sun-drenched French fisherman vibes. The ¾ sleeves and squared hem and neck give this shirt a distinctively feminine look, which anyone worth their stripes style-wise is bound to enjoy.

The Breton Royale

The long-sleeved Breton Royale’s fresh royal blue stripes are nautical in every way, evoking images of the sun glancing off the surface of the sea. This is truly a French fisherman shirt. The soft, breathable jersey cotton also makes this a great choice not only for the warmer spring and summer weather, but also for the cooler months. A versatile gift indeed!

And before you go, we want to remind you that you can now personalise any Breton shirt for an extra special touch! You can choose to have two or three initials hand embroidered on the Breton shirt of your choice, with three options each for colour, letter placement and font. What you’ll get: a unique gift like no other.

Until next time…