A Breton Shirt for Every Day of the Week

When we look at Breton shirts, we see versatility. Uniqueness. Infinite possibilities. No two Breton shirts are exactly alike, which makes it possible to wear a new one every day of the week without repeating looks.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and picked out a Breton shirt for every day of the week, so you don’t have to. Let’s start...

Monday – The Breton Bleu

The Monday blues are real, folks. But with the Breton Bleu on, you’ll be feeling anything but glum. The crisp, blue on blue striped shirt is fun, comfortable and it's bound to put a smile on your face so you can survive the day in style. Plus, who wouldn’t want to start the week with a vibrant pop of colour?

Tuesday – The Picasso

As you move on to the second day of the week, stay inspired with the Picasso shirt. Like its eponymous artist, this blue and white striped shirt is bound to spark creativity, with its nostalgic embodiment of French history, culture and, of course, style.

You may not be making art in this shirt, but it’ll help you make it through the day, and that’s all that matters.

Wednesday – The Original Breton ‘Patch’ Shirt

It’s Wednesday, AKA hump day! If you feel your energy levels dipping during the middle of the week, invigorate yourself with the Original Breton ‘Patch’ shirt.

You’ll be glad for the fashionable navy elbow patches of this shirt when you’re leaning on your elbows at your desk, dozing off and dreaming about the weekend. Hang in there!

Thursday – The Breton Grey

Why are we recommending the Breton Grey for Thursday, you may ask? It’s because it’s Friday Jr., which means you still have to keep your working mindset while also looking forward to the weekend (woo!).

With its low key grey stripes and simple, light-hearted design, we think the Breton Grey fits the bill.

Friday – The Breton Rouge

The best day of the week is here! Make your Friday extra colourful with the Breton Rouge, a playful Breton classic that has been a hit for 20 years.

This lovely, red striped number offers all the things we love about striped sailor shirts: nostalgia and nautical charm, all wrapped up in one addictively soft shirt.

Saturday – The Breton V Tee

For a day as fun as Saturday, we've picked the Breton V Tee, the only short sleeved shirt out of the weekly Breton mix we’ve put together.

We think the combination of the short sleeves, the hemmed V neck and the crisp, nautical blue stripes make the Breton V Tee the embodiment of Saturday fun. This is a shirt you can relax in after a long, hard week at work.

Sunday – Picasso Royale

End the weekend on a high note with the Picasso Royale, the third iteration of the classic Picasso shirt that’s everything its predecessors is – and more.

This is not the tame Picasso shirt you wore on Tuesday. With the inverted colours of the Picasso, plus the addition of a sassy red stripe, the Picasso Royale ensures you end your week with a colourful bang.

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