Five Shirts for Summer Soirees

How is your summer shaping up? We hope you're handling the heatwave in absolute style. Of course you are!

So, whether you're heading to a barbecue or a garden party throughout the warmer season, here are our top style picks for your summer soiree...

Bateau Mariniere Vin

Like to add a little colour to your summer get-up? You're in luck - and this is a shirt that Breton aficionados absolutely swear by for seasonal gatherings. 

Why? Well, it isn't just another Breton shirt. It has a traditional neckline that is inspired by its nautical routes yet represents the true spirit of Parisian chicness.


Hand-finished and crafted from super soft 220 gsm interlock organic cotton, the fabric has a soft, dry and airy feel - perfect for that garden party you've been invited to.

The Original Breton Shirt

The original and most recognisable style of traditional French fisherman's shirt, the more you wash this Breton top the better it feels. Wear it to an outdoor concert or open air cinema event; paired with your chinos or pedal pusher-style trousers it'll look great - just add some crisp, white trainers (and a bright chiffon scarf - if you're feeling bold).

Breton Rugby Shirt

Heading to a get together which doesn't require that you get at all dressed up? Right you are! Throw on the Breton Rugby shirt, then - it's effortlessly stylish as well as comfortable and we can guarantee everyone will ask you where you got it.

Thick enough to hold off the dropping temperature, thin enough to not restrict, this shirt combines traditional matelot styling with a classic collar and a vented hem. Find it here.

Saint Etienne Breton Shirt

This is a firm favourite amongst Breton shirt fans - and it's because of the nostalgia pegged to this football pitch-green striped top.

Nicknamed ‘Les Verts’, our founder's first football memories are of Saint Etienne visiting Glasgow on a cold October evening back in 1968. The city was awash with opposing fans both sporting a sea of green.

Celtic fans in their traditional green hoops and Saint Etienne in their solid green shirts, as they faced Celtic in the important second leg of the then European Cup.

Having visualised this scene when creating the Breton Saint Etienne, our founder designed this top, which features crisp white stripes on a fresh green backdrop - it's over here, if you'd like a closer look.

And finally...

The Picasso Breton Shirt

A stunning Breton shirt, our Picasso Breton brings style to any event this summer.

You will have seen the photo of Picasso in his kitchen wearing one of his favourite French sailor shirts.

For us, it embodied lots of images of how we view France; history, culture, sunshine, market squares, great red wine, chateaux, cobbled streets and the ability to look chic whilst wearing any clothing combination, unlike us Anglo Saxons! 

Meet the Picasso Breton, then, which is a traditional fisherman's-style shirt with a modern twist - we love it and so will you.

Enjoy this blog post? We hope you've picked up some top tips for dressing for the warmer weather.

Until next time...