Lockdown Style: Take a Look at Our Breton Striped Coronavirus Masks

Want to stay safe – and stylish – during the lockdown? We have you covered, quite literally! Say hello to our on-trend new range of Breton-striped protective wear.

Our coronavirus masks are comfortable, effective and fashionable. They’re sustainable, too, as they’ve allowed us to make use of manufacturing off cuts that may have gone unused.

Made from double layered, knitted, super-soft cotton, our coronavirus face protectors fit the face softly and feature elastic support around the nose and chin. They’re fully machine-washable, too – and handmade by our dedicated team of seamstresses in our Portugal workshop.

Each mask comes with detailed care instructions to ensure you can wash and dry your mask safely and effectively. Please note: these face masks are not to be used as medical equipment or as replacement for PPE.

They can, however, be used on your morning commute to work – and as face masks are now a legal requirement on trains, buses and other public transport in the UK, it’s a perfect opportunity to grab one.

Our Breton striped face masks are just £10.95. Plus, if you’re amongst the first 200 people to order yours, you’ll receive a complimentary striped pouch to keep your mask in when not in use.

Available in a range of colours and featuring distinctive Breton stripes, these masks are extremely stylish and can be worn with just about any outfit.

Your mask may need washing regularly, so do follow the care instructions carefully, to ensure your safety and that of other people.

Our black and white striped face masks will complement any look, while our red and white striped face protectors are great if you’d prefer a pop of colour. There are a few colourways to choose from, so you can even perfectly match your outfit to your mask by purchasing the full range.

Please be aware that our coronavirus Breton striped face masks are non-returnable and refundable.

Our Breton stripe carry bags/pouches, as seen above, can be used to store your mask – or anything else, for that matter. A lovely addition to your order, we have made a limited run of these pouches, so if you’d like one, you must be one of the first 200 customers to purchase a face mask.

What will you wear your Breton striped face mask with? The only accessory you may well need this summer and autumn, the face mask is a must-have for anyone who’s still out and about – at work, at the shops or elsewhere – during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you do wear your mask this summer and want to share a picture or two, don’t forget to tag us in your photos over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – we’d love to see how you’re wearing yours.

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Stay safe!

Until next time…