New Year, New Wardrobe: Our Top Picks for 2020


They do say that fashion is circular — that every trend about to come around has already happened before. They, whoever they are, might have a point. After all in 2019 the unprecedented revival of chunky Spice Girl-esque trainers had us looking back through our wardrobes to dig out our trusty, humongous Buffalos. Was that just us? It can’t have been. Come on, admit it.


So in 2020, what are we going to see? If trends keep moving forward as they have been, your best bet might be to take a look at series 7 of Friends when things get a little Millennium bug. Ah, the 2001-2002 style era, when chrome and metallics clashed with digital prints. Makeup was all lip gloss and voluminous hair was adorned with bejewelled hairclips. Flip flops had wedges. A plastic accessory never hurt anyone.

Don’t worry, we’re not saying you need to go back to full future-retro Barbarella-meets-Rachel-Green. Just bear in mind that things could get a little… spacey. Here are some of our tips to work Breton stripes back into the look, so you feel comfortable and don’t end up looking like member of Steps. You’re so welcome!

 A Splash of Colour

We have a pretty strong feeling that colour pops are going to be big this year, and the clashy-matchier the better. To pull off “clash-matching”, choose clothes in similar colours but not the same exact shade. We like this wine-coloured Breton shirt with red skinnies, but it looks equally good under a red v-necked sweater, cherry red duffle coat or firey cardigan.

The key to clashy-matchy is to own the clash. Be daring and try orange with red, or brown and red, or all three, but try to block them rather than mix them up entirely. More red Breton, orange coat, brown bag, if you get our meaning.


Monochrome Delights

Monochrome never goes out of style, it only shakes it up a little. Back when you were still finding Year 2000 confetti in your going out handbag, monochrome was having a bit of a mad one, choosing blocked patterns and clashing checks with spots and stripes. It was all very TV testcard. We were into it.

To hark back to this golden age, get yourself a Nautique Noir and pair it with white jeans, black boots and a statement bag. Huge sunglasses optional but preferred.


The Classy Classic

Do we ever get bored of saying the traditional Breton is a classic that never goes out of style? No. Because it’s true. This true legend of a shirt has lasted 100 years on the runway thanks to Coco Chanel’s impeccable taste, and it’s not looking tired yet. Why suffer through wardrobe malfunctions and ill-advised synthetic fabrics when you know your favourite shirt is going to look dynamite? Treat yourself to a fresh Breton and wait for the compliments to roll in. No matter what 2020 throws at you, the classic original Breton shirt has got your back.

Until next time...