The Wardrobe Updates to Treat Yourself to this Spring

This past year’s been hard. Like, really hard. When the pandemic began last spring, the last thing anyone was thinking about was updating their wardrobe for the new season.

Now, however, things are looking a lot more optimistic. We’re not in the clear just yet, but as vaccines continue to roll out, we’re beginning to return to some semblance of normalcy. And that means finally getting to update your wardrobe for spring, because let’s face it: even if you don’t plan on going out much (and kudos to you for that), you deserve a little retail therapy!

Read on for some wardrobe pieces you should treat yourself to this spring.

Knitwear Jumpers

For those of you who love your cosy knit jumpers, there’s great news: there’s no need to ditch them just yet! Spring is known for its erratic weather patterns. One day it’s sunny and warm out, and the next there are rain puddles for days. That’s why you’ll want to keep some light knit jumpers on hand for when the cooler weather strikes.

Emphasis on the word ‘light.’ While your thick winter jumpers might be too heavy for the cool spring temperatures, a thin knitwear jumper will hit all the right spots.

May we suggest our long-sleeved blue and white Picasso Royale shirt (pictured above), as an alternative to slightly thicker knitwear? You can layer it up with a blazer or jacket and wear it with just about anything on the bottom half.

Palazzo Pants

For the warm spring days, nothing beats the swishy, airy feel of palazzo pants. These flowing trousers are all kinds of fashionable. For one, they look elegant, and yet they’re so effortless to pull off.

Throw on a stretchy top to emphasise the flared legs of these pants, or go for a cropped blouse if you really want to make a statement. Et voila – instant stylishness!

Another reason palazzo pants are great is that they give the illusion of height and longer, slimmer legs. Short ladies, rejoice!

White Trainers

White trainers are undoubtedly a wardrobe essential you need to get your hands on if you haven’t already. These crisp shoes add a casual, sporty flair to any outfit, whether it’s a dressed down denim and tee look for a walk in the park or an ensemble better suited for the office. They particularly look trendy paired with cropped denim pants and a light cotton tee.

You can also use white trainers to balance out outfits that border on dressy or super feminine – as Gigi Hadid did with a sporty two-piece suit and sister Bella Hadid did with a skirt suit. And if supermodels like the Hadid sisters can rock these shoes, then so can you!

Lightweight Tees

Add a few more lightweight cotton tees to your wardrobe this spring so you can better enjoy the warmer temperature. T-shirts are simple, but comfy wardrobe staples that, like white trainers, can be styled in virtually any manner. Layer them under a denim jacket or a trench coat for a sporty casual look, or tuck them into a pencil skirt or trousers for a more business casual style.

Of course, you can also go for nautical chic by dressing up in a Breton tee. From the fresh, red striped T-Shirt Vin (above) to the feminine Mariniere Naval Femme, there are tons of short sleeved Breton striped shirts for you to enjoy this spring and beyond.

Until next time!